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Therapy for Teens

Mental health issues often rise to the surface during adolescence. But teenagers today are also facing new challenges. The demands of school, extracurricular activities, worries about the future, and an active online life can make it hard to keep it all together. Therapy can help. 

Therapy for Adults

It's common to feel lost at different points on your journey. You worry about making big decisions. You feel overwhelmed with big and scary emotions.  You can't stop the cycle of negative thoughts and worries. Whether you are struggling with depression or anxiety, talking one-on-one can help.  

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Online Therapy

Although it is traditional to see a therapist in the office, it's never been easier to talk to a therapist from your living room. Many clients are served just as well through online therapy as through face-to-face therapy.

Family Based Treatment

Family Based Treatment (also called Maudsley) is an effective therapy for child and adolescent eating disorders. In FBT, parents help their child return to good physical and mental health through weight restoration and improvements to their child's pattern of eating.