Why do people get eating disorders?

Although most people in the United States will try a diet (80% of 4th grade girls attempt one), only 5% will struggle with an eating disorder in their lifetime. My research examines whether medical illnesses, environmental exposures, and life experiences increase the risk for eating disorders.


What treatments are best?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT) is the best first-line treatment for bulimia nervosa. But not everyone can access CBT. My colleagues and I wanted to know. Does getting CBT in an online chat group help? The research findings are about to be published.  Stay tuned...


Can we help mothers with eating disorders?  

Moms with eating disorders are often terrified that they will pass their disorder down to their children. Going through pregnancy with an eating disorder can also mean facing unique challenges. Our research examines how eating disorders can affect pregnancy outcomes and helps families break the cycle of risk for the next generation. 


Is social media making us hate how we look? 

There have never been so many opportunities to see yourself on camera or in pictures. Have we become so focused on our selfies that we've forgotten to take care of ourselves? In this research we examined whether spending more time online is associated with destructive eating patterns.  


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