FBT or Maudsley

Family Based Treatment (FBT or Maudsley therapy) is an effective approach to treat child and adolescent eating disorders. In FBT, parents first help their child return to physical health through weight restoration and improvements to their child's pattern of eating. In contrast to “traditional” therapy for eating disorders that frequently excludes parents, FBT includes parents as critical components of their child’s recovery. Siblings also serve as allies to their sister or brother throughout the process.

Sessions are typically held weekly with the whole family. Once weight is restored and eating patterns get back to normal, children gradually take over control of their eating. Therapy is then devoted to facing the typical challenges of childhood and adolescence.

Eating disorders are scary diagnoses. Without proper treatment, they too often can become lifelong illnesses. FBT gives kids the best shot at a full and sustained recovery. 

"You have given me strength to be more proactive than I would be otherwise. Every parent should have a Stephanie!"


Tabitha Farrar

Tabitha Farrar blogs about her eating disorder recovery and interviews leading clinicians and advocates for her podcast.  She recently conducted a series of interviews with family members, kids, and therapists about FBT.  

Parent Advocacy

Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders (FEAST) and Maudsley Parents help parents dedicated to helping their children recover from an eating disorder. The Around the Dinner Table forum provides an opportunity to chat with other parents who are supporting their children through FBT.   

International Eating Disorder Action

International Eating Disorder Action is a coalition of parents, carers, survivors, sufferers and others, established to take action on eating disorders issues. In 2016, they sparked the first ever World Eating Disorder Action Day

Eva Musby

Eva Musby is the parent of a daughter who recovered from anorexia through FBT. In her book, Anorexia and Other Eating Disordersshe shares tools for parents and families on this journey. Her YouTube videos coach parents on how to provide mealtime support and provide limits with love. 

How to Help Your Child Beat an Eating Disorder

How to Help your Child Beat an Eating Disorder is an important introduction to FBT. While reading a book can't replace family therapy, it can give you a jump start in understanding your child's illness. Drs. Lock and LeGrange explain what you need to know and how to play an active role in your child's recovery.